Career opportunities at Delta Group

Delta Group has a nearly 30-year history of success. During this time, our company experienced growth, expanding from a small business with a handful of people into one of the key players in the Hungarian IT market with more than HUF 20 thousand million in annual revenues. Delta’s continuous growth, and the fact that the company offers stability and reliability both to its customers and employees, is a success credited to all of our colleagues who worked for the company over the past two decades, giving their best in commitment and professional excellence in the past and today. As we developed, so did the company values that we are now so proud of. We consciously safeguard, improve and apply these in our daily work and decisions. Why is Delta Group a good workplace? Get to know us, and you’ll see why.

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Head of HR:

Balázs Rátkai
Phone: +36 1 666 8724